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Valor Iot Manufacturing

Valor IoT Manufacturing is a robust, secure plug & play IoT device and data acquisition solution for electronics manufacturing, featuring:

-Built-in interfaces to the majority of automated and manual stations on the shop floor
-Advanced machine and process control capabilities
-Highly scalable infrastructure
-Industrial-grade hardware, high performance, security, and data integrity

Valor MSS Foundation

Valor MSS provides a single point of origin for easy-to-manage factory setup with specific line definitions, product structure, registration of materials with their attributes and release of production work orders to the master schedule.

Valor NPI

Valor NPI ensures a smooth transition from PCB design to fabrication, and on to assembly and test. The Valor NPI platform provides comprehensive DFM analysis, applied in parallel with your design flow for maximum advantage, or on design completion. By combining the Valor NPI manufacturing data creation tools and DFM, the manufacturing level product-model can be fully prepared for handoff to process-preparation.

Valor Process Preparation

Valor Process Preparation solution is a complete engineering solution for PCB assembly and test, including upfront critical DFA analysis, BOM validation, workflows for stencil design, SMT programming and line balancing, test and inspection engineering, documentation and work instructions, and box-build or hand-assembly operations


Siemens PLM Software, now Siemens Digital Industries, is a leading global provider of software solutions to drive the digital transformation of industry, creating new opportunities for manufacturers to realize innovation. AIMFLEX has officially partnering with Siemens to offer Digital Industries Software to our industrial customer.


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