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Specialised automation machines are machines used to fully or partially automate certain processes in a manufacturing process such as to assemble, screw, trim, glue, sort and laser mark various parts and components.

Test Automation

Pick and Place Automation

Barcode and Seal Application

Packing and Palletizing

Automated Vision Inspection

Automated Dispensing

Automated Battery Welding

Smart Conveyor System

Test & Measurement 

Test and measurements solutions includes test strategy development, mechanical/electrical/electronic/software concept to fulfill customer test requirements. Being a one-stop test solution provider, AIMFLEX offers services in design and development, fixture and structure fabrication, system integration, onsite commissioning as well as ECO support and production support under one roof to achieve better collaboration, quality control, competitive cost and the shortest lead time.

Mechanical Test Fixture

Micro-Controller Based Test System

PC & PLC Based Test System

Reliability Tester